Good things for juice and for justice


Your money goes much further when you buy a juice at Joostice in Newtown.

The new juice bar offers fresh cold pressed juice and a guarantee that all proceeds go to support public interest journalism in West Papua New Guinea.

Team leader Hugo O’Connor is working towards being the source of income for the journalists to enable them to keep doing their job.

The concept for this not for profit juice bar came about when Hugo met a lot of West Papuan refugees and realised that their stories were not being told or heard by the media.

“There are horrendous human rights violations and genocide occurring that are not reported on because journalists are fighting censorship,” he said.

Joostice support West Papua Media, an independent human rights and civil resistance media outlet.

They aim to provide a service to international media by developing and advocating an open media capacity for West Papua.

It also hosts Safe Witness Journalism training for citizen media, human rights workers and professional journalists from Papua and others who are covering the daily situations occurring there.

Significant financial support is needed to deploy this training to where it is most needed and it is not-for- profit businesses like Joostice that are providing a helping hand.

“Fundraising for a cause like this is not sustainable enough,” says Hugo.

“NGO’s tend to harass people for money but this is not our idea,” he added.

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